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Pampers Nappies are distributed in Australia by CAD Trading Pty Ltd, a family owned wholesaler/retailer based in Sydney.  The Pampers brand is one of the worlds biggest selling disposable nappy brands  – and now Australian’s can buy directly from the website.

75% of UK parents choose Pampers™ over any other brand because they provide the best comfort, fit, flexibility and absorbency for your baby. They are also lightweight and ultra slim, taking up minimal space compared to other nappy brands.

The Pampers Nappies Australia page contains a lot of great fact sheets and information guides to help all new parents.  The website also contains Product Guides for more information on each product.

Pampers Nappies offer a great loyalty program that you qualify for after spending $300.  When you have reached this level, you start receiving % off each purchase up to 20% for life.

Payment Options

Pampers Nappies offers payment via Credit Card, EFT payments, Paypal, Cheque and Money Orders

Pampers Nappies
Pampers Nappies are one of the worlds biggest selling disposable nappy brands

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