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Everything you need to know about Amazon Australia.

Amazon is a massive US based online retailer that is currently the biggest company in the world. Amazon was started as an online book store back in 1994 in the garage of founder Jeff Bezos who is also currently the richest man in the world. The store has expanded to cover nearly every shopping category imaginable from fashion to footwear, books to electronics and everything in between.

For a long time the Amazon Australia store only sold eBooks and electronic devices like kindle, Australians could register to the Amazon international site and have items shipped down under, the freight costs on some items were restrictive. In 2017 that all changed as Amazon opened up a new fulfillment center in Australia and then launched its fully fledged Australian store.

The current bestseller on Amazon Australia is the amazing Barefoot Investor book by Scott Pape
 The arrival of Amazon Australia had a lot of local online companies worried due to the aggressive way Amazon has traditionally built market share. The launch was quite as well received as Amazon would have liked however they have slowly started to increase their range of products.

Amazon Prime is a paid service that offer movies, music, TV shows as well as providing FREE shipping on some items as well as special Prime only deals and discounts. To register for Amazon prime click here.

Amazon offer various shipping offers including standard delivery, express delivery, click and collect from ParcelPoint as we as the FREE shipping offered to Prime members. Amazon accepts VISA, American Express and MasterCard. Interestingly PayPal is not a valid payment method on Amazon Australia.

Amazon Australia
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